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Soul to feed. – by me [alias DonnaNera, lawl]

L’ho scritta perchè dovevo, non chiedetemi perchè. L’ho scritta perchè sì. Magari non vi piace, probabile. Magari per voi non avrà un senso, magari non capirete nulla, può essere. Infine tutto quello che scrivo lo scrivo per me :3 […e sì, sicuramente ci saranno errori, ma non mi interessa, davvero, a ma piace così.]


Everyday is wasted if we don’t smile,
thanks to you I’ve understood this in a while.

You don’t know how important you are,
although you seem to be so far.

When destiny with me had been unfair,
your voice was like a breath of air.

Someone who pervades my emptiness
and fills my thoughts with his tenderness…

You are here for me in times of need,
I give you my soul to feed.

I’m scared about the power you have,
to decide whether I’m happy or sad.

You’re like a flower I’m not able to gather,
but I can smell you, so it doesn’t matter.

You’re like a sound I’m not able to hear,
but stay with me and I won’t shed a tear.

I don’t know what love is,
but I’ve never felt like this.

*the end*

Bene ora potete fare quello che vi pare. Susu. Via da qui.